A Fully Assembled and Tested Product Ready to be Shipped to Your End-User

The axiom “time is money” has never been so true as in today’s fast-paced world of product delivery. With traditional purchasing processes disrupted by the pandemic, the “next-day” shipment paradigm popularized by the consumer market is becoming the new standard for businesses. To keep up with this trend, electronics OEMs need a method to get quality products delivered as quickly as possible to their end-users. 

Turnkey PCB assembly is a manufacturing process that starts with the initial design and ends with delivering a fully functional circuit board to the OEM’s end-user. Our full turnkey services handle all aspects of circuit board manufacturing, including shipping the final product in your company’s packing materials. Not only does this get the completed circuit boards to your end-users faster, but it will also reduce your processing overhead. 


Our Core Service

With more than 18 years of experience in PCBA manufacturing, IBE is a professional PCBA manufacturer focusing on the research and development of laser ranging, new energy, medical devices, automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics etc other products.We aim to be your highly reliant strategic ODM/OEM global partner for success by providing high technology services, products and solutions .


PTEK has been supplying top-quality PCB assembly services for 10 years. With our decades of engineering and production experience in the PCB assembly industry, we can always foresee and avoid possible issues before starting manufacturing and then fabricate and assemble PCBs correctly the first time. We are a reliable PCB assembly Vietnam


Our company attaches great importance to the quality of PCB assembly. It has established a strict quality control system for printed circuit board assembly, from checking raw materials, the manufacturing process, and quality inspection to operating the production equipment to carry out comprehensive control in PCB assembling.

Competitive Price

Through efforts to improve productivity and production techniques of PCB assembly services, We can provide low-cost PCB manufacturing services and ensure the best product quality. We try to think of various methods to reduce costs but always adhere to high quality standards because quality and cost management are equally necessary.

Customer Satisfaction

As a PCB assembly supplier, we are so proud that there are 99% positive comments from customers about our printed circuit assembly. Our company has won the trust and praise of many customers for our high-quality Vietnam PCB assembly, competitive and reasonable prices, and excellent after-sales service.